The CCK or Civil Conduct Keepers, were the mayor's personal police force. Originally made for patroling the streets and controlling crime,( as they should ), became a anti-graffiti clean up unit, that eventually under the mayor's big plan to dispose of graffiti writers by assasinating them. It is unsure of both Trane's or the citie's future, but we hope for the better. They are 5 different classes of officers making up two units. The Security officers are hence the name security officers, and assumabley are the most basic classes of public security and patrol officers. Then, the imfamous Vandal Squad. They wear orange and black vests( i assume bullet-proof, though never demonstrated the full defence of them of then Trane's often assaults.), and are equipped with only and stun batton and their fists. They are also sometimes disguise, as homeless people in full body blanks, which they usually complain about how bad they smell, which is probably a reference that they are possibly used, if you know what i mean. The ones in disguise usually hang around a drumfire to make their act seem, convincing. There direct boss is Chief Hunt. He ends up dying in a firery death, as a foiled attempt to assasinate Trane, after chasing him out to the roof of the old art school after blowing up his Aunt Ceila's apartment building and then the art school. So watch your back and welcome to New Radius!!!!!