A rare picture of 2 NRM33's/36's.


The transit bums in action!

The New Radius Metro
, is a city-wide extensive subway system, consistimg of multiple lines, that stretch to the outter-most city limits. Lines consist of the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0(zero), R, M, and Z. Most if not all trains make a stop at the Lumen Square Port Authority Terminal. Consisting of an elevated station and atleast 4 seperate platforms. One at the corner of 79th Street & 8th Avenue, one by the the Transit Authorities, maintance facilities. and the other 4 direct platform entrances, are in or around the terminal building and it's facilites


The current trains that are in service are the NRMR33's, NRMR36's, and the new "Silver Cars", the NRMR142's and NRMR142a's, made by Kawasaki Heavy Industries of Kawasaki, Japan. These are the newest cars operating on the system now, and made their debut, near the very end of 2005. They are planned to be retired as of 2045, and replaced as such.

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Transit Employees Also known as the work bums, will crack anyone of the head that's not CCK the mayor or their boss, with their trusty Ol' monkey wrench, watch your back!!!!!
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Old vs. New trains