A rare picture of 2 NRM33's/36's.

The NRMR33/R36's, are the current subway cars, in service, soon to be retired and replaced by the new NRMR142 and NRMR142A, subway cars, aka the silver cars. They were made in 1964 by American Car Foundry. There premiere was at the 1964 world's fair in New Radius's Auburan Global Fountain park. The cars were originally painted in a baby blue and white. After the graffiti problem completely covered absorbed the city into a financial black hole and brought to it's knees by the son of sam, they finally dug up enough money to rebuild it fleet and the city. Thus the revive, rebuild, renew, caimpaign. All cars, whether clean or covered with graffiti, are a stainless steel silver, with a black bonet or mask going almost all the way down to the floor and anti-climber, one the front. So, they are known by rail fans and riders alike as the silver raccoons and the raccoons on wheels. This paint scheme is the new standard i assume as the new cars look it identical except with an angle at the roof of the bonnet, are corrugated up to the windows, and have rounder windows and a corrugated roof with no vents. Other than that, the commoner wouldn't really know the difference, i assume, except with out graffiti, being the only real give away.